Working here

“…As an organisation we never stand still either.  Our vision is helping us make big improvements.  It’s thanks to the vital work of each and every person at the FSCS that millions of people’s lives have been rescued from limbo…”


Mark Neale – Chief Executive Officer


Our employees come from many different backgrounds, but we all share a common goal. Our mission is to provide a trusted compensation service for customers which raises public confidence in the financial services industry. 


The commitment of our people to excellent customer service is a given and is central to the results we achieve.  We are committed to investing in staff so that they have the knowledge, skills and competencies to perform effectively; fulfil their potential in their current job; and are prepared for those changes that may affect an existing role or when they move to a different job within the Scheme.


We’re not just looking for people with a background in financial services; we recruit people from a wide range of professions; from web developers to lawyers, finance to HR, project management to communications and beyond.  There are a variety of opportunities available with us, and a number of business areas that could benefit from your experience.